A Year In Review {2010}

December 27, 2010

A year has almost come and gone. Man, time flies! 
A year in review, 2010.....

Some Highlights from the Blog {in no particular order}
01. a note about Bringing Baby Home 
02. I announced my design blog Key Lime
03. Sophie Laree, her name
04. Silly & Serious, mom things
05. Comparing Sophie's size to a laundry basket
06. Burgers for Dessert, a treat for father's day
07. Posted our Love Story
09. Sophie and Eating Sand
11. My first post about Pharmacy School 
13. We started a Game Journal
14. A photo shoot at a cupcake shop
15. Taking a Road Trip to Kansas
16. Remembering my Grandma
17. Learning to Coupon
18. Refreshing, moving the coffee table
19. A real life blog event, the orthodontist
20. Sophie's first snow day
21. Admitting I'm a Cookie Dough Addict

Favorite Movies of 2010
01. Toy Story 3
02. Prince of Persia
03. Iron Man 2
04. Percy Jackson

Favorite Eats of 2010
01. Yogotogo
02. Sweet Tooth Fairy
03. Cafe Zupas
04. Biaggi's

Favorite Books of 2010
01. Trespass, Sandra Grey
02. Murder by Design, by Betsy Brannon Green
03. Hunger Game Series

Favorite Card Games
01. Canasta
02. Hearts

Typical Prices of 2010
01. Milk $1.98
02. Cheese $2.79
03. Gas $2.98
04. Movie Theater Ticket $8.00 or $11.00 3D

What were your highlights of 2010?


Lesa said...

That is a fun review! The birthday cake in the prior post is beautiful. She did a great job.

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