Eating Sand

July 19, 2010

Summer is flying by! I can't believe it!

We spent the past weekend at a family reunion at a nearby lake.
My grandpa rented us an unbelievable house.
It had every little detail you could ever imagine.
There were big 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. I think it slept about 25ish people.
The kitchen was incredible.
It had an ice bin, heating lamps, and even had a trash can like at Wendy's.
The master bathroom had an AMAZING shower.
It had 7 shower heads, all in one shower!
 Yes, 7. Can you imagine?

Unfortunately, I only took one picture of the house....
It was gorgeous but I'm glad I'm not responsible for cleaning this place!

We spent a lot of time out on the deck playing cards and just relaxing.

Did I mention that the house was on a golf course???
The deck led right onto hole number 5.
Brian brought his golf clubs......
I bet you can already see where this story is going....

Brian and Chad got their clubs and just walked right onto the course.
They hit around a little and went golf ball scavenging.
They found about 15 golf balls as they wandered the course.
And yes, the "golf course security" did kick them off. :)

Sophie had some great first experiences on our trip.
We went and played at the lake.
 She  LOVED playing in the sand, eating the sand, and splashing in the water.

Sophie did a "guest post" on my mom's blog about the trip. Read it HERE.
It's really cute. You need to read it! :)

We were at a family reunion so of course Sophie got held and passed around to everyone.
On time I left Sophie in the care of her uncle
 {well... my uncle so I'm not sure what that is to her} anyways...
When I came back a few mins later she was sitting in the waterfall in our backyard.
If you look really closely you can see my uncles arm holding her from the back.
Doesn't she look so grown up in this picture?

We had a great time!
Except...I am starting to realize that vacations are relaxing until you get home to 6 extra loads of laundry. I think you almost need a vacation to catch up from a vacation.
Do you agree?


Lesa said...

Great post! I really like your photos. She does look grown-up in all the pics. It was a fun reunion!

Jenny said...

I totally agree you need a vacation from a vacation. Kids make everything more fun and a little more work.

Amber and Spencer Ward said...

Oh my goodness!! Sophie is getting so big- how cute! Looks like a fun weekend! :)

Hailey said...

That house you stayed at looks amazing! I bet Harry Potter would have been jealous of the size of the storage room you guys slept in while you were there ;).

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