Miss Cupcake

September 1, 2010

Today we {my mom, me, & s} went to a cupcakery in a city close to ours.
We shared a cookies & cream cupcake and a chocolate chip cookie cupcake!
The cupcakery had mini vintage tables and chairs just Sophie's size!

As of today Miss Cupcake likes too....
-crawl everywhere
-climb up the stairs
-eat crackers, puffs, bread, baby food, and cupcakes of course!
-waves bye
-loves to play with the comcast and stereo box
- bites things with her two bottom teeth
- loves to stick her whole head under the faucet while the bath tub water is running
- walk along furniture
- jabber

Thats all for now! Thanks for readin'!


Jenny said...

Yum! Your little cupcake is super cute! Drive safe! See you soon!!!

Sydney Garton said...

Where is this cupcake place? Or maybe you shouldn't tell me! I have turned into a sucker for cupcakes!

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