the first snow

November 22, 2010

We woke up to snow on sunday morning! The first snow of the year! Now the holidays can officially begin! Of course the first thing we did was bundle Miss S up and let her experience her first snow day. And by that I mean her first experience walking in the snow, touching the snow, and tasting the snow. In case you can't tell, she loved it. She was in heaven. One of my favorite parts about being a mom is watching Sophie experience new things. First snowday is on the top of my list. Is it snowing in your town yet?


The Bell Family said...

Super cute! I hope that we get snow this year!

Lesa @ music notes said...

So cute! Wow she had a big day. First snow and washing dishes with me!! :)

Hailey said...

I can't believe Sophie's going to be one next month. Time flies when you have babies!

Lesa @ music notes said...

just came back to look again.... :)

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