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December 30, 2010

Our holiday break has been filled with play, play, play. B's whole family is in town and we have been trying to cram in every minute with them as possible. We have been playing cards, snacking on treats, nachos, hoggies, and chocolate, going out to dinner, chatting, watching movies, and loving the chaos of 14 grandkids under the age of 7.

Today we spent some time in the mountains sledding, riding horses, and shooting guns. Sophie loved walking around in the snow. We happen to get some fabulous hand-me downs, snow bibs, coat, and gloves that are just her size. She was so cute all bundled up I couldn't help but take a million pictures. It also didn't hurt that Brian gave me a new SD card for Christmas. 2 GB. I know, amazing right? I'm tickled pink! I am a little slow bording the huge SD card train. My old one card was 500 mb. It held a whopping 30 pictures. So, needless to say I am snapping away, getting all the "cheeses" to my hearts content.

have I mentioned I married a hunter?

the cool dads.

Happy New Years Eve!
What New Years Resolutions do you have?

:: B & I had our wedding anniversary this past week. I meant to write a gushy post about how much I love & adore him but, we have been to busy enjoying life to spend to much time on the laptop. Maybe in jan when life gets a little more dull. :)

:: I am in the middle of making something *new* for the shop and I super excited about it!
A debute will be coming shortly!


Amber and Spencer Ward said...

cute, cute, cute! As always... lol and I must say... oh the joys of being a hunters wife! Spence is gone every weekend and it sometimes drives me nuts! But I just tell him to enjoy it while he can before we start having kids.. lol Happy New Years!

Lesa said...

Oh my, how cute. That snow suit came about just in time. She looks so grown up!
Looks like you had lots of fun.

Kendra said...

@ amber,

i totally know what you mean! at this very moment brian is rabbit hunting!
boys! :)

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