Game Journal

August 27, 2010

Both Brian's family and my family are big time into card games!
We play canasta with my family and hearts with his.

A few months ago my mom had the greatest idea....
Start a game journal.

We got a plain spiral bound notebook and designated it as our game journal.
Every time we play games we get out the notebook to record our scores.
In the margin we write what game we played, the date, the weather,
what we ate, any random tid bit really!

The best part about the game journal is that you can look back and say,
"wow, brian and kendra killed us again!" ... or something along those lines :)

Do you play cards?

:: PS notice that the deck of cards is strategically placed in the picture.
I did horrible that night! :)


Lesa said...

I won't even bring up the last two games of 'hand and foot'....


Butterflygirlms said...

My friend and I keep a game journal. We play Rummy!! Whoever makes it to 500 points first wins. That is usually about 4 games of Rummy!

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