Pharmacy School.

August 9, 2010

It's  finally here.
Time to actually apply to pharmacy school.
Brian and I decided we needed to make a chart to help us choose schools.
We went through in the US and looked at the requirements for
pcat scores, gpa, tuition, pre-recs, the odds of getting accepted, location ect....

I am going to be Brian's secretary through the whole process. Make lists, send emails, print off applications, pay the fees, ect. It is a little overwhelming but I have a few organizational ideas/crafts up my sleeve that just might help.
I will post about them someday very soon.

Here is the process {to get into pharmacy school} in a nutshell....

Study for the pcat.
Take the pcat.
Pray and wait for your score.
Receive your score.
Pick several schools to apply too.
Send them your transcripts, pcat score, letters of recommendation, fill out the application, pay for the application, fill out a supplemental application, & pay for the supplemental application.
Pray and wait you get called for an interview.
If you get an interview, buy a new suit and airplane ticket.
Smile and do your best in the interview.
Pray and wait.
Receive a letter in the mail 2-4 weeks later.
Pray, as you are tearing it open, that you got accepted.
If you are accepted pay the chair holding fee and pray to say thank you.
If you are not accepted pray that another school will accept you.
Repeat this process with as many schools as you can afford.
Pray a lot + a lot more.
Make your final decision between offers & pack up everything you own and move for 3-4 years.

Where are we in the process?
Brian takes the pcat in 11 days.....11 days to study.... 11 days to spend at the library.
Meanwhile, we will decide exactly what schools to apply to.
So far it looks like 2 of the best options are SNU {UT} & Thomas Jefferson {PA}
We will pick several others to apply to as well.
Application deadlines are as soon as november 1st but the sooner you apply the better.

I am really excited, nervous and anxious about this whole process.
What an adventure it will be.
I may occasionally write an update posts about the process. Mostly for my own sanity! :)

Coming up next.... Sophie's first Camping Trip!


Charlotte said...

good luck!!!!

Jenny said...

Good luck! It is a process. I was Kurtis' secretary for law school and there is a lot to do!

Lesa said...

It is a scary thought. You know I'd cry if you moved away but like you've heard dad and I say before -- our move from Utah to CA was We learned lots of life lessons.

Brian will do great and you guys will make the right decisions.

Good Luck Brian!!

Lesa said...

Also, don't know if you have read my newest post, but I just wrote about some of those life lessons I learned about while living away from family..

scrapcraft said...

Good Luck!

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