a birthday girl {added party pictures}

December 23, 2010

dear birthday girl,
your birthday is soon and we are celebrating!

I can't believe my eyes. To think that you used to be a 6lb 4oz bundle of wiggle free love. Now your a 20lb jabbering, walking, smarty pants, bundle of joy. Where did the time go?
People warned me this would happen. That one day you would be one. They said that the  long nights, rocking you to sleep, snuggling wiggle free, and non mobile days would end quickly. They did.

This year has been full of new experiences for both of us. Good and Bad. But none that I would ever change. I have loved every minute of your first year. Watching you peacefully sleep. Having you wave "hi" to me when I walk in the door. Watching you laugh so hard you fall over.  Holding you on my lap for the first five minutes your awake and watching mickey mouse. Then setting you down and watching your personality come to life as you play, find puffs in the toy box, hide things in the bookcase, and play dare devil on the stairs.

Little Miss, I am the luckiest mom alive. You are my one, my little love. Or my little peanut, as I am sure great-grandma would call you.

You are getting so big and growing up fast. I have plans to cherish each day with you.
I hope to see you scrunch up your nose and smile everyday. I love you Sophie Laree.

Happy 1st Birthday!

:: These Days We.... are eating gingersnap cookies and couting the hours til santa comes!

***** added 12/27 *****
After having Sophie's party I had to add some pictures :)

the 3 december birthday girls :)


Chad and Chelsea said...

I can't believe she is one! She is so cute!! I can tell you are such a great mom! Tell Sophie happy birthday!

Lesa said...

Happy Birthday Sophie from Grandma and Grandpa!

very cute post!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Sophie!!

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