dinner or dessert

June 22, 2010

Anyone want a burger for dinner dessert!

I saw these while I was blog hoppin and had to make them for a Father's Day Treat.
Everything is dessert!

Bun = Yellow Cupcakes
Meat = Brownie
Lettuce & Ketchup = Frosting
French Fries = Sugar cookies
Grease on fry bag = total accident but it does make them look more realistic :)

Instead of taking the time to do a whole big tutorial about how to make these I will just give you the link to the fabulous tutorial I used. They weren't too hard just a little time consuming but worth it!


Jenny said...

So cute!

Lesa said...

They were very good! Dad loved them!

Hailey said...

Oh my goodness! Those look professional...I don't think I could have eaten them their just so cute.

The Bell Family said...

Oh my gosh I love this and have to try it!!

Ruthie said...

I have made some sort of like this before but mine are a little different! I just posted them on my page last night! :)

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