Hat Girl

April 7, 2011

When I was a little girl I was a hat girl
I had tons of different hats but this denim hat was always my favorite.
I have kept these hats stored safely in a box for several years.
Today I got them out and tried them on Miss S.
I may have had to force her to wear it but 
who knows, maybe one day she will be a hat girl too! 

What sorts of things have your kept and passed on to your kids?


Anonymous said...

I certainly remember that hat! You wore it in Sacramento, and you and I flew back to SLC and you wore it there when we went shopping. You were about 4 yrs. old. Your daughter is so like you! Love ya! Grandma Crook

music notes said...

I loved that you were a 'hat' girl! You had so many cute hats. I especially liked the one in this picture. I think you wore it the most. :)

Ginger said...

She is so cute. I never could get my daughter to wear hats at that age either... I tried and tried. :)

Jenny said...

I kept my barbies, clothes and accessories, I gave them to the girls a while back and they love them. I have an American Doll, but do not want to pass that to them yet.

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