an idea to store away

April 5, 2011

image from emily loerke

Don't you love when you stumble across the best idea ever! While bouncing around blogland I just happened to see to come across just such an idea.

These graduation announcements.... for when Brian graduates pharmacy school.
Your probably thinking that I am getting a little ahead of myself, since he won't be graduating for 4 years but.... Emily's idea is that good! I am storing that one in the "keep file" for sure.

Speaking of pharmacy school here is a little update:
We are going to move to hawaii sometime between May and July. 
No, we don't have a set date, we are still working on that. It all depends on when we find a house to rent.
Meanwhile I have been google-ing everything there is to know about hilo hawaii.

Some facts I have learned...
average temperature 78 {average temperature in utah, slc area is 51}
the coldest time in hilo is febuary... its gets down to a freezing 63 degrees.
there are white, green, and black sand beaches.
we are moving to the rainy side of the island. 130-200 inches per year.
 gas in hilo is currently $4.33 a gallon

Getting excited to start the adventure. Getting sad to leave family behind.


Heidiopia said...

You're entering an exciting time in your life! Just think of all the fresh ideas that will come your way on the Trade Winds. :)

Jenny said...

What a cute idea for graduation! I cannot believe how quickly time is going. Moving far from family is tough, but these will be some of the greatest times of your life!!

Ginger said...

That is such a cute idea... I would store it away too. :)

What an exciting adventure for you to be on, but I can totally understand the mixed emotions by being so far away from your family. I can't imagine that kind of rain... our average here is about 24" per year... and that includes our snow. :)

music notes said...

That is a great idea to store away! very cute.

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