January 4, 2011

The New Year brings a new beginning. A chance for a fresh start and a clean slate. It brings a chance to take a personal inventory and decided what we like, don't like, what to improve, and what's working and what's not.

I have a list of new years resolutions, 11 to be exact {2011}.
I am not going to share them all with you, but I do want to share one.

Today was the first day of my English Literature class. I went in dreading it. I expected that the class was going to be filled with reading an old boring book and writing a 5 page report. repeat.

I hate writing papers about books. And I especially hate to write papers about books that are long and boring. Love reading. Hate formal writing. I knew my class was going to be awful.

My professor turned out to be an older man, bald, with the most picturesque reading glasses. He has the perfect narrators voice. For an hour and a half he lectured at us. Told us short stories aloud, read poems, interesting facts about writers, and revealed that one of his favorite books is Pride & Prejudice. Every girls favorite book right?

By the time class was over he had projected enough enthusiasm about literature that I had decided to be a english major.  I told myself that even though I don't know what an adverb is that I can still be an engligh major.  I hate writing but that's okay right? English majors don't just write papers. Do they? Somehow it would work out and be wonderful.

By the time my 10 minute drive home was over reality had struck me. Whacked me on the head.  I reminded myself that I hate engligh, more specifically writing papers and that I can't ever be an english major, for the dread of having to write a billion 20 page papers.

I have decided to tone down my recent found literary enthusiasm from english major to making a new years resolution.

I am going to take more time to enjoy the books I read.
I am going to expand the genre of books I read.

I love reading. Especially late at night, in bed.
But I also have a little confesstion... I plow through books. Practically skim them. I am talking, reading one book in a whole day. The authors  would probably be livid to know that I don't hang on every detail. I mostly read the dialogue. I know, that's horrible isn't it?

But not for long! Now, I am a going to be a literary-ist. aka. explore the literary world, a little more, take my time and enjoy it.

Anyone have a good book suggestion? 

::And I want to end with a special note to you. yes, you.

dear reader,
Thank you for being a special part of my 2010. Blogging has been a wonderful experience for me this past year. Loads of creativity shared from you to me. Loads of support with my new endeavors while being a mom. And loads of friendship I could have never dreamed of. Thank you for the opportunities you have given me. Thank you for reading, commenting, and emailing. Hope you will stick around in 2011.


Anonymous said...

I love reading too!
Uncle, C

Anonymous said...

Thank You for sharing your thoughts and feelings on this blog and also sharing how Miss S is doing.

Lesa said...

I'm glad you like your class. This was a fun post to read. Those two guys that commented above had fun reading it too. :)

Sydney Garton said...

Hhahaha Kendra, this totally made my day. What a fun post!
I am glad that you are set on being an english major. I know a lot of people that have it as their major & really enjoy it.. that's all that matters, right?!

Emily said...

Umm Hello! I love how much we are alike!! I ALSO wrote a list of 11 things!! Jack and I are calling it our Top 11 things to do in 2011!! Which reminds me.... I probably should blog about it so I can be held accountable!! : )

Ginger said...

Thank you for following my blog and for leaving a comment! You have such a cute blog and an adorable family!

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