Icing Bags, Cookies, & Hard Candies,

December 21, 2010

This last weekend was filled with Christmasing. So much tasty christmasing in fact that I have a few letters to write....

Dear Icing,
You taste so yummy! And oh so sweet!

Dear Snowman Cookie,
Brian won the contest for giving you the best makeover.  Again. He gave you arms made of toothpicks. Why didn't I think of that? 

Dear Hard Candies,
I wish you lined the roof of my house in real life.

Sugary Stomach Ache

::These Days We... are waiting excitedly to watch miss s open her presents from santa!
3 days  2 hours 22 mins


Jenny said...

So fun! I am counting down the hours and minutes too! I am literally going crazy!

Lesa said...

We are on sugar overload! It was fun though.

Lesa said...

Happy Birthday!!!

alananddanielle said...

Happy Birthday Kendra! I was going to call but decided to wish you a Happy Birthday comment, what's better than that? We have your gift but weren't sure when we'd be celebrating it so we'll just bring it up to mom and dad's on Friday.

The cookies look yummy!!!

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