pharmacy school - update

November 17, 2010

Remember a little while ago I told you that brian is applying to pharmacy school?

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time for a little update.... 
black text= original checklist. red text= updates + added tasks & details
  • Take the pcat.
  • Pray and wait for your score.
  • Re-take PCAT just for good measure
  • Receive your score.
  • Still waiting on the second score. Please mailman, will you bring it tomorrow?
  • Pick several schools to apply too.
  • USN, U of H at Hilo, TJU, UOD, UK, Mercer ... just to name a few of the 10.
  • Send them your transcripts, pcat score, letters of recommendation, fill out the application, pay for the application, fill out a supplemental application, & pay for the supplemental application.
  • Pray and wait you get called for an interview.
  • so far...Got an interview at USN and U of H at Hilo!
  • If you get an interview, buy a new suit and airplane ticket.
  • ... or take your suit to the dry cleaner. much cheaper.
  • Smile and do your best in the interview.
  • USN interview, done. Hawaii's in a couple weeks.
  • Pray and wait.
  • this whole process is a matter of waiting.
  • waiting .....
  • Receive a letter in the mail 2-4 weeks later. or phone call
  • Pray, as you are tearing it open, that you got accepted.
  • If you are accepted pay the chair holding fee and pray to say thank you.
  • If you are not accepted pray that another school will accept you.
  • Repeat this process with as many schools as you can afford.
  • Pray a lot + a lot more.
  • Make your final decision between offers & pack up everything you own and move for 3-4 years.
this process has been one of waiting.waiting.waiting. but I have to say that it is getting more exciting every step of the way. We are actually doing this, not just talking about it. Each time I wish the waiting was over, and that the real adventure was starting I try and remind myself that this is part of the adventure. Plus, I always wanted to be a secretary right? :)


Lesa said...

Hi - instead of commenting here and turning my comment into a mini post, I wrote up a post over on my blog!

Jenny said...

I am secretly hoping that you will go to UK. It is a long waiting process. It will be over before you know it and then you will be off on a big adventure!

Lynn said...

Always remember it is the journey that we grow from not the destination!

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