Motherhood: A New Level

November 13, 2010

Sophie and I spent loads of time this last week cuddled in her favorite blanket watching mickey mouse and playing with her favorite toy, cards. Sophie was sick, with croup. Believe it or not this was her first time being really sick. Her stuffy little nose, raspy breathing, and unstoppable coughing, just made my heartbreak.

When I told my mom that S was sick the first things she said was, "Brings motherhood to a whole new level doesn't it?" Yep, sure does.There was nothing I could do for Sophie except watch her cry in frustration. I checked on her what felt like a million times while she was sleeping. Just to listen to her raspy snoring.

What a helpless feeling.

The doctor gave her a shot and said that she would just have to fight it off. Fighting it off included, lots of apple juice, a few walks outside to open up her airways, and a lot of cuddling. Which happened to be the only upside of the whole sickness thing. Sophie is not a cuddler. She is a independent, no snuggles allowed, kind of girl.

At least I got some cuddles.

Now motherhood is on a whole new level. I love her that much more. I want her to be smiling and giggling, not frustrated and coughing. Watching Sophie being sick I realized that the hardest part about being a mom isn't always going to be changing diapers, soothing after a bonked head, or getting up in the middle of the night. I expect it is going to get much harder than that. Which just makes me more grateful for my mom. thanks mom for being the best. xoxo.

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Lesa @ music notes said...

thank you xoxo

By the way, her sickness brought grandmahood to a whole new level too. I was worried about her every day.

Also, your newest follower is Julie that guest posted on NAMN a while back!

alananddanielle said...

Hey Kendra-

If you ever have questions about the croup thing-Abigale has probably had that over 30 times. They say that some kids are just more prone to getting it which she did. They supposedly outgrow it around age 5, which she did. We've done lots of croup at our house if you need anything. A cool mist humidifier helps a ton at night. Love you-get better little sophie.

Jenny said...

I hate it when the kids are sick. So sorry little Sophie got so sick. I must admit I do love the snuggle and movie days when they are sick...they are the best. Hope Sophie and mommy are recovering!

Nancy Jackson said...

I am so sorry :(. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. We would be more than happy to run to the store or grap a pizza if needed. Hope she feels better soon.

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