Little Miss + High Chair

November 3, 2010

On my mind today. A few small things I have learned about little miss & the high chair.

Buckle her in immediately. Otherwise, she will stand up and not sit back down.
Put on the bib.
Wash her hands, face, arms, and brush her off  pants when she is done eating.
Sweep the floor thoroughly after breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and snack.
When all else fails, give her cheese & tomatoes, the daily staples.
Mop daily.

Give her more than a few items on the tray at a time or it will all end up on the floor.
Let her be too close to the counter. She will grab anything within reach.
Feed her applesauce, pudding or anything of the sort when she is in a playful mood {almost always} She will just spit it back at you.
Give her too much fruit. I'll spare you the details.

More Things I have Learned:

:: I am going to my first real life blogger event on Friday! I can't wait to meet Jessica!
:: I am still need a few more recipes for the Holiday Eats post series. Email me.


Lesa said...

Well, atleast you have a high chair :) This grandma really needs to get one. I tried feeding her on the counter last night. Makes it kinda hard. But, it is on my 'to buy' list.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love seeing pictures of Sophie and hearing about the things she does! You are all so cute and clever! Love ya lots - GGrandma Crook

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