silly & serious: chapter 2

July 21, 2010

A while ago I wrote a post about silly & serious things I have learned so far while being a mom.

I need to add to that list:

1. Don't leave the baby food unattended on the highchair tray.
    Not even for a second....Unless you feel like moping up.

2. Don't accidentally lick your finger while feeding your baby sweet potatoes. GROSS.

3. Babies grow out of clothes way to fast. I need to make a special budget just for  Sophie's clothes. It doesn't help the matter that there are so many cute baby girl clothes and shoes. ah, shoes...
   *sidenote* I found the cutest shoes for Sophie at Target yesterday. I almost bought them. But I finally convinced myself she didn't need anymore sandals since the summer is half over. I decided to make a compromise.
Instead of buying them I let her "try them on" for a while.
A while = while I finished up my shopping

4. Having a baby gives you a lot more to blog about.

5. Celling fans are great entertainment for babies.

6.  Time flies by way to fast! I used to be afraid Sophie would drown in her bathtub because she was so small.
Now she can't even fit in it!

7. You can get a lot done during a 3 hour nap....including taking a nap yourself :)

8. A Sam's Club card is a necessity. Diapers and formula are a billions time cheaper there!

9. Babies can perform some very acrobatic moves in their cribs. I can't even count the
number of times I have gone in Sophie's room to get her from a nap and her arms
or legs are stuck in between the railings. And we have a bummer pad!

10. I will love this girl, and her funny faces, for eternity!

What are some silly & serious things you have learned?


Jenny said...

What a great list. I really should make one too! One thing I know for sure is that I will be tired forever!

Lesa said...

I will love her faces forever too!

Paul, Julianne and the Kids said...

Love the post! They are all so true! One thing I've learned is that all kids love spaghetios and even if they're wearing a bib they will get them all over the place! (just you wait!)

Hailey said...

Sophie has the prettiest eyes and I love that hat on her, too cute!

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