Road Trip

August 31, 2010

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The three of us are getting ready for a road trip!
We are going to Kansas to visit Brian's brother Kurtis, his wife Jenny and their 3 adorable little girls!
It is about a 16 hour drive.... That's a lot of miles!
But, we are so excited to be visiting family and going on a little vacation!

Brian's other brother {Kurtis' twin} Kevin, his wife Brooke, and their 3 girls are also going!
Brian and Kevin are just staying for the weekend then leaving all the girls in Kansas for the rest of the week.

That means....
One house + 10 girls + Kurtis.
poor Kurtis.
I am SO excited!

Today I have been trying to get everything ready for our trip.
It's been a to-do list kind of day. 

So far I have:
gotten the oil changed in the car
washed the car
filled it up with gas
gone "snack" shopping {sun flower seeds, granola bars, fruit snacks, ect...}
gone to the library to get some cd's on tap and books for entertainment

Now if only all the laundry could be magically done! :)

I have a lot of  "road trip "memories from my childhood. I grew up in northern california.
All my family, grandparents, cousins, aunts & uncles lived in utah so we made the long trek from ca to ut several times.

Memories from my childhood road trips:

-wanting to pack my "toy bag" weeks in advance to make sure I had plenty of thing to play with while we drove.

-not being able to sleep the night before because I was so excited to see my cousins and grandparents.

-My dad carrying me out to the car at 4am, when it was still dark, to start our road trip.

-Stopping in Winamuka at mcdonalds to eat and play at the play place. I swear Winamuka has the coolest play place ever! They have this "ball washing system". You put the balls from the ball pit into a tube, and they come out another tube wet and clean!

-Putting my shoes on as soon as we saw the "welcome to utah" sign. I wanted to be able to jump out of the car as soon as we got to grandma's. Little did I know her house was 2 hours away from that sign.

- Collecting Chevron cars from gas stations along the way. 
 I still have my collection today actually!

- Eating Buggles on the drive. I would put them on all my fingers so it looked like I had witch finger nails. My mom would only buy Buggles for our drives to Utah. They were a special road tip treat!

- On our final drive to ut {because we were moving there} I got to ride with my Grandpa Cottle. He came out to ca to help us move. I rode with him back to utah and we had a blast! Once in a while he would play his harmonica while we were driving.

Lots of fun memories!


Heather (Butterflygirlms) said...

Have fun on your road trip!! Love your fond memories. I wish they still made Cheese Buggles...yummmy...I can't find them anywhere!

The Bell Family said...

Have so much fun and let me know of any tips you have to help keep Sophie busy! We are going to Miami in a month {a 11 hour drive with no baby and hardly stopping} so I think I may try to get a little dvd player so I can turn on Elmo ever now and then lol! Oh and I used to do the same thing with Buggles on my fingers!

Jenny said...

Fun memories. Looking forward to seeing you!

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