Sunday Drive

August 30, 2010

Yesterday we went with my family on a sunday drive.
We ate peach o rings in the car and went to some beautiful places!
Perfect sunday afternoon!

Of course the boys starting a rock throwing contest....

Brian smiling at his victory.

:: p.s. My mom got featured at Marta Writes today!

:: p.p.s. I recently found i heart faces photography site. 
 I am thinking about entering the photo challenge this week.... maybe....
 You should go check out their site! There are some great photo ideas/tips!


Jenny said...

Fun day.

Tell Brian that Kurtis wants his Arizona T-shirt back! Ha ha!

Kendra said...

I had no idea it was kurtis shirt! lol! :) I don't think brian is giving that shirt up any time soon. It is his favorite!

Lesa said...

I LOVE your pictures! You should send one (or two) in.

It was a fun evening.

(I love the uncle pic and S a lot!) Thanks for sharing the evening with us.

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