im back.

August 18, 2010

I have been on a forced vacation from blogland for the past week.
My computer got  one  multiple viruses and was in the shop.
one week + $139 later my computer is back and virus free.
Not exactly what I had in mind but life happens right?

What were we up too during our technology free week?
Lots of studying for B,
Lots of crawling and snacking for S, 
Chores, chasing S and a few good books for me.
We also had a little "photo shoot"...

:: a little while ago I actually won a blog giveaway from here and got a gift certificate to here!
I used my gift certificate to buy a pink pettiskirt for Sophie.
A few days later, when Brian was at work, I got Sophie all dressed up and we went for a "mini photo shoot"
I felt a little dumb going to the park, just me + s, armed with my camera and some toys to distract Sophie.
but, oh well!
It was a little difficult to try and "pose" Sophie and then take some sort of decent picture before she crawled away.
Especially because she was trying to eat leaves, grass and ants.
Yes, she was trying to grab an ant!
We quickly moved to a new location that was ant-free.

Here are a few pictures I took. Sophie loves to pull funny faces....

I love when she wrinkles up her nose!

Thats all for now!


Jenny said...

Glad you got your computer fixed. I feel like I am missing a limb without mine.

Lesa said...

cute, cute, cute!

Matt May said...

Kendra Kendra Kendra, my dear cousin. Why would you possibly pay someone to get rid of a virus on your computer? That is what Matt does for a living. He would have done it for FAR cheaper. Keep us in mind if you even have problems again. He has all the same software that geek squad has. Anywho, sorry to hear your computer was on the fritz. I would go crazy without mine. Sophie sure is a cute one. Cute pictures. I love little mini photo shoots, they are my favorite.

The Bell Family said...

Hey I was wondering where in blogland you had gone to! LOL! Ok so I LOVE the photo shoot! She is just adorable!

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