Old Door Decorating: Part 1

July 2, 2010

Our family room hasn't ever gotten a real "theme" or color coordinated... Just a few semi matching thing here and there.... So I decided to re-decorate my family room! This project is going to be a main part of the re-do.

I found my old door {you could also use a window} at an antique store for $28 dollars.
They even delivered it for free!

First thing, get rid of the old nasty varnish and all hardware. I used a palm sander with really gritty sand paper. {Sophie hated the sound of the sander so I had to work on this project while she was napping.}

Wipe down your door with a cloth to get all the sawdust off.

I painted my door next with Valspar La Fonda Geranium Red with an egg shell sheen.
I wasn't smart enough to use painters tape. I just tried to be careful and not get paint on the glass. Of course, I got it all over the glass so after the paint had dried I just took a razor blade {from a box cutter} and carefully scrapped it off.

The coloring in this picture isn't super accurate. My family room doesn't have much natural light for pictures. But I really like how the color turned out!

Now your door is all ready to be embellished with paper/fabric and pictures!
Part 2 of the tutorial will be coming soon!
...As soon as I can decide on what pictures to use!


The Bell Family said...

Ok so I am so doing this too! Jack works for a glass company so he is tring to find one for me! It is going to go on a wall in my kitchen and I am painting mine red too! I already have everything I need but the dor! LOL!!

Butterflygirlms said...

Fabulous new look for that door...love the color!! Fabulous new look on your blog too ;)

Hailey said...

The door looks awesome and I love the color! I can't wait to see the final product.

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