July 5, 2010

Did everyone have a good 4th?
We spent the weekend hanging out with Brian's family and had a blast!
We swam, Parade, BBQ, Fireworks, ect...

Sophie loved the fireworks. She stared at them with bright eyes the entire time! She also loved watching all the kids run around and play. Sophie is a people watcher.

However, I guess she watched the grandkids run and goof  around a little TOO much and learned a new trick....

We got home from the the parade and Sophie was alseep in her carseat so we set in down in a quiet bedroom to continue to nap. About 20 mins later Brian heard her fuss a little so he went into the bedroom to get her. Brian yelled, "kendra, you've got to see this!"

So of course I ran into the bedroom. Sophie was 2 feet away from her carseat, laying on her stomach on the floor. She escaped her carseat so she could play!!!
{did i mention she wasn't buckled in. That would have been an unbelievable real trick if she had been.}

I made Brian promise and pinky swear that he didn't pull her out and lay her there before I walked in. He double promised.

So anyone {mom and LaRae} who may on occasion babysit Sophie here is your warning: make sure you buckle her up when she is in the carseat or she will escape! :)

Our little escapee

Sophie went to her 6m appointment. I can't find the paper with her stats at the moment so I'll give ya what I can remember. 

Weight: 15 lbs 12 oz {46 percentile}
Height: 75 percentile
Head: 80 percentile

Any crazy tricks happen to you this weekend? :)


Lesa said...

Love the picture!

I'm not surprised at all at her skills. And I consider myself warned :)

Hailey said...

Kiley seems to learn all her tricks from Sophie so I guess I better watch out for this one! I love that hat on Sophie, too cute.

alananddanielle said...

How funny-good thing you didn't have the carseat up high huh? That's probably why they say not to leave it somewhere like that. That's hilarious that she was happy and just wanting to play-little stinker!

Chad and Chelsea said...

I love the story about Sophie. I can't believe how fast she is growing up! She is darling! She looks so much like you! We stayed in a different condo in Park City, but it was in the same area as the one we stayed in with the girls. It was really similar, but it had one more bedroom. I wish Bear Lake was a different weekend! I'm going to miss seeing you!

Kendra said...

Hi Kendra!
I also LOVE summer!

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