June 25, 2010

We took Sophie swimming for real yesterday! {you may remember the "fake" swimming episode...}

We went to a local pool filled with little kids and mom's. Brian was a little out numbered.... I think he was the only adult guy there.

 We played with Sophie, splashed her and even attempted to take her down the water slide but the life guard did not think that was a very good idea.

After a couple hours we figured we had enough sun. I put 70 spf on Sophie but somehow she still managed to get a little burnt. Her cheeks were pretty rosy.

I think we have a little swimmer on our hands!


Anonymous said...

WOW!! I LOVE your new design. So fun and cool and colorful! Good job! You did a great job.

Cute picture of S in her swimsuit.

Nancy Jackson said...

OMG!! She is so stinking cute!

Charlotte said...

that bathingsuit is so cute!! glad she loved the water!!

Natalie and Nathan said...

I love little baby swimmers! They are so cute when they start to play in the water!

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