Farm Trip

June 28, 2010

Sophie got to attend her first Crook Family reunion at Grandpa Crook's farm this weekend!
We left Saturday morning at 6am to drive to Wyoming.
Brian and I had set our alarm clock for 5:20 so we could get up, make sure we had everything and our brush our teeth. I say brush out teeth because at 5:20 am you don't have much motivation to put more time into your appearance then necessary.

We got to the farm and spent some time riding the 4-wheelers and exploring old barns and sheds. We didn't find anything to unique, just some old tools and farm equipment, including this picture perfect old tractor.

This is really one of the only picture we have of the three of us. Not sure I want to a picture of us on a tractor over my couch but its still a fun picture!

Notice how Sophie is trying to drive....

We also found an old pitch fork. Prepare yourself this one is pretty comical....

Later in the afternoon, once the rest of the families had arrived, we went to a park for lunch and activities.

The boys played football, 2 hand touch, and the girls stayed on the sidelines to cheer.
 Except, I think there was more picture snapping going on then there was cheering, me included.

Later that night we did some loud, illegal in Utah, fireworks. Only a few hit the barn roof but no damage was done.

On the drive back home we drove past the lake where we are having our next family reunion in a couple weeks. I hope the water warms up 20 degrees before then :)


The Bell Family said...

I love the picture of the three of you ad the pitch fork one is SOO funny!!

Amber and Spencer Ward said...

such a cute little family!! :)

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