Swimming with Sophie

May 15, 2010

No, we didn't take Sophie swimming. However, she did wear her swimming suit....
Here is the story.

Yesterday afternoon I was getting ready to go to work. Brian and I were both scheduled to work so my mom was going to watch Sophie.

While I was getting ready Brian was changing Sophie's diaper.
I could hear Brian talking to her saying "Lets get you dressed!"

I immediately looked out the bathroom door and into Sophie's room.
Her door was pulled closed.

.....Oh No.....

Brian really likes to dress Sophie.
He also really likes to get into the closet, where we keep her new clothes, that are to big for her, and dress her in those.

I knew he was up to something because the door was closed.

A few minutes later Brian and Sophie came in to the bathroom.

She had her swimming suite, hat, and flip flops on!
I could not stop laughing! And she looked so cute!

I knew my mom would also think it was funny so we left Sophie in her swimming suite, hat and flip flops and buckled her into her car seat!

When we walked into my mom's house and I immediately smiled.
I am not very good at having a poker face.
My mom said, "What's funny?"

I just pointed to Sophie and laughed.
My mom pulled the blanket off Sophie and just looked at Brian.
She knew Brian was the culprit!

She laughed and laughed! :)
Who knew a swimming suit, on a rainy may day, could bring so much laughter!

You can read my mom's revision of Sophie's Swimming Suit HERE.


Lesa said...

I can hear Brian saying, "Let's get you dressed."

Hailey said...

I love those little tiny flip flops for babies. I bet Sophie looked darling!

Jenny said...

There is something super cute about a baby in swimming wear. I wish you would have taken some pictures!

alananddanielle said...


Lesa said...

I gave you a blog award on my blog today!

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