Good Things to Come

June 21, 2010

I have been slacking on posting that's for sure......

First of all, Happy Fathers Day!
I am not a gifted writer so instead of writing why I
I am so thankful for the fathers and priesthood holders in my life, especially Brian,
I have found a movie for you to watch.

The movie isn't exactly about fathers day but... just watch it then I will do a little book report movie report.

You might need a tissue.

I love how the father just keeps walking. He just keeps trying. He does it for his family.

That is Brian. He just keeps going.
He is doing all that he can for our little family.
Some days he leaves the house at 7am for school,
comes home for an hour in the afternoon, then goes to work til midnight or later.
Then gets up the next morning and does it again.

Some days he has to fight just to keep his eyes open, and you can bet that he falls asleep at church.
But he is giving it his everything.

I am thankful for what he is doing. Thankful for his effort, dedication, and love.

Sometimes we both just wish we were past this stage, that he had a career and that we had a home with a barking dog in a overgrown yard. That day will come.

We both know this is all part of the journey.

There are good things to come but we can't forget about the good things that have already come.


Jenny said...

I love this video. It has such a great message. Don't wish away the stage you are in, life comes at you fast once it is all over. Times may be tough, but they are simple times. You will miss them when they are gone. Love you guys!

Lesa said...

I have an extra over grown yard if you want it come and get it :)

You are both doing a great job!

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