May 10, 2010

Yesterday was my first "official" Mothers day.
I had a wonderful day.
I am so happy I get to be Sophie's mom.
I love when she laughs, plays, smiles, and giggles.

I also love my mother.
I love being with her, her example, and cheerful personality.
Yesterday she said something very smart....
"On mothers day you are overwhelmed with emotion. You are thinking about your own
mother, mother-in-law, sister, aunt, grandma, and remarkable women who influence you.
You are also thinking about what kind of mother you are or will be someday.
And you are also thinking about those who don't get the chance to be a mother, those who have lost their mother, or those that are single mothers.
So why don't we call it "Sisterhood Day" instead!
We are all part of a Sisterhood trying our best at whatever life may have brought us!

Yesterday Brian gave me a book called, "The Remarkable Soul of A Women" by
President Uchdorf of the LDS Church.

What a wonderful title!
 All women DO have remarkable souls and I am so greatful for the ones that have influenced my life!

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Sisterhood Day!


Lesa said...

My favorite post!

Thank you very much!

I am lucky to be your Mom.

I had fun today on our outing!!

Shemaine Smith said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! So sweet that it was your first Mother's day. I remember that year, was special! Hope yours was just as. PM me your address and I'll pop one of my cards in the mail to you at
Have a great day!

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