A Tasty Treat!

May 7, 2010

Yesterday I was in the mood to make some sort of treat.
Mostly I just wanted to eat some cookie dough! :)
I LOVE  cookie dough!

 Sophie was taking a nap so I got out my recipe box to look for something to make.
I didn't really find anything that caught my eye so I got out the computer to look at cooking blogs!
I went to Picky Palate and found...

You make the sugar cookie dough and then put it in the fridge for 2 hours to chill.
Good thing I left my house to run errands for those two hours or I might not have had any cookie dough left! :)

Then you roll it out into a big circle.
Then you load it up with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon sugar.
Then you roll it up like a cinnamon roll!

The dough was a little sticky so it did take a little patience but eventually it worked out and they tasted yummy!

The recipe also has a cream cheese frosting that you are suppose to put on top {just like a cinnamon roll} but my cookies never quiet made it to that stage. :) We just ate them without the frosting!

I am always looking for good recipes {not just cookies} do you have any? Or what cooking blogs do you read?


Lesa said...

I'm one of the lucky ones that got to taste these. In fact, there are still some left here at our house. They were wonderful, even without the frosting that we got so busy to put make.
(K - You left your cream cheese BTW)

(one of the recipe blogs I like)

alananddanielle said...

They sound super yummy, never heard of them before though. I'm trying to not be personally offended I didn't get to try any.

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