Cute Fonts for Post Titles: Tutorial

May 11, 2010

Have you noticed cute fonts on blogs lately?
 I LOVE fonts!
I can't get enough of them! I have downloaded a million! {okay not a million but a lot...}

I was so excited when I found the tutorial at

Cute fonts are a great way to personalize your blog!
The tutorial Amanda posted is very clear and user friendly but it is a little involved.
It does take some time to set up and a bit of html work!
But you can do it! No fear! :)
Have questions? Ask!

Here are some cute fonts she offers for FREE...
Any of these would look great on your blog!

Happy FONT browsing!

Leave a link to your blog if you have installed a *CUTE* font!
I would love to see it!


Sara said...

I would love to do this! Can I do it if my blog is already designed? I don't have to redo my template?

Kendra said...

Sara- Yes, you can add a cute font without changing your current template! :)

Natalie@Endless Crafting said...

I would love this and tried to do it myself with no luck. Could it possibly be because of my template? I think I may use your expertise to do it for me!

Kristin said...

Hi! I am new to this. I would love for you to add a cute font to my blog. I tried to do it myself this morning for almost 3 hours! Do you have a list of fonts to choose from? Where do I sign up? :)

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