Under Strict Supervision

March 1, 2010

On Sunday I let Brian dye my hair. Gutsy, but he was under my strict supervision.  I was sick of my hair and I needed it done bad. I went to Sally's on Saturday night and bought the products. {6.3 Light golden brown and 7.32 Dark Champane Blonde} Sunday afternoon I mixed up the color {I mixed the two colors together so it wouldn't be to dark} then I did a test strand. Twenty mins later I decided I liked the color and was going to go for it!

I explained to Brian what to do, basically just make sure it was all over every piece of hair.

Yes, I was nervous.

He got all my hair covered and then I told him just to pour the leftover haircolor on top of my head.

After I washed it out I was surprised how much I liked it! He did a great job! I would  let him do it again!


Lesa said...

Your hair looks great! He did a very good job.

Jenny said...

You are brave, although I have asked Kurtis to do my hair on several occasions. He won't do it for fear he will ruin it. Glad you like it. I want to see pictures!

The Millers said...

Very brave! I'm waiting for the picture.

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