Don't know if I want to write this....

March 3, 2010

.....I don't want to jinx it! Sophie has been the BEST sleeper the last 4 nights! I mean REALLY good! 2 out of the 4 night she slept completely through the night for 8 hours! The other two night she did the same for almost 9 hours! I had forgotten what it feels like to actually get a good nights rest!

This is how we finally figured out how to get her to sleep this long! {or at least it has worked so far}...
 We used to start her bedtime routine at 8:30 {bath, eat..} but last Saturday night we were out late at the Children's Musem so she didn't get to bed til 10. The next night we stayed up late playing games at Brian's parents house so she didn't get to bed til 10 again. Both nights she slept great so I figured I would try 10pm as bed time on monday. She did it again! So her new bedtime is 10pm! I guess she just needs to get a little more tired and worn out before she goes to bed! I'm just praying she will just kept this trend going because I'm loving it!
She is about 1 weeks old in this picture but it very accurately shows how she likes to sleeps....
Arms up by her head!


alananddanielle said...


Jenny said...

It is nice when they start sleeping through the night. My girls did not figure that out until 9 months (I know that is mostly my fault). Hopefully the next time around I will have better luck. Sleep is very precious!

Sammy used to sleep that way too. I will have to email you some pictures again.

Lesa said...

I almost didn't want to comment just in case I jinx it the picture.

crossing my fingers..


(guess what my word verification is: cradle)
funny huh!

The Millers said...

Ahh, sleep! You really do almost forget what it's like. Good luck keeping up the streak! (p.s. - Kambree still is not sleeping through the night regularly, so your doing great!)

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