Acting like Kids

February 28, 2010

On Saturday night we went to Discovery Gateway Children's Musem. I went up to the ticket window {without Sophie or B} and this was the conversation....

{worker} how many tickets do you need?
{me} just 2
{worker} ok so 1 adult and one child?
{me} no two adults
{worker} you didn't bring any kids with you?
{me} nope....well yeah but she is only two months old.
{worker} oh, okay.

She acted like Brian & I were the weirdest people for coming to the childrens musem to play! oh well! We had a lot of fun! We made everything into a bet. Who could build the highest tower? How many turns around the circle would it take to get the ball to the top? Who could keep their golf ball in the air the longest? .... It was great!

There was a "news room" where kids can pretend to be a reporter.
Brian and Sophie giving us the latest update...

We had a great time!


Lesa said...

That is the cutest picture EVER! Love it, love it.

Jenny said...

Great picture, Sophie is getting SO big! Glad you had a fun time.

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