cRaZY diNNeR!

January 19, 2010

Every third Sunday we go to my families house for Sunday dinner. Well, about a week before the 3rd Sunday we were hanging out at there house and my mom handed us all $2 and a piece of paper. Each paper said something like "veggies" "dessert"... We were going to have a crazy dinner! Everyone was in charge of bringing some part of dinner, you only had to $2 to by your ingredients, and it was a surprise what everyone was bringing! So we ended up with Cheese Ravioli w/ red sauce, broccoli salad, 7up Sherbet to drink, blueberry muffins, a fruit tray, and cheese veggies w/ noodles! It was all delicious! It was such a fun dinner! We all had to pick random plates and silverware too! There was some pretty crazy place settings! :) Thanks Mom, such a fun idea!!


Jenny said...

That is a pretty fun idea! Mom's are the best!

alananddanielle said...

Cute idea! I love your mom, she's always got some good thing cookin'

Lesa said...

It was a fun dinner!

Danielle, I love you too and your kitchen looks great.

Natalie and Nathan said...

That is an awesome idea, I will have to steal that one ;)

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