Three times the charm!

January 20, 2010

Sophie has now slept 6-7 hours for 3 nights in a row! YAY! Hopefully now that she has done it three times in a row she remembers how and will sleep that long every night! This new sleeping habit it thanks to my mom who suggested a new bedtime routine.
1. Bath {Sophie loves baths! They really calm her down}
2. Dry off {have to do this fast otherwise she gets cold, which makes her mad}
3. Lotion
4. Play {we let her play for a little bit, and stretch her legs}
5. Eat
6. Rock her to sleep
And tada! A sleeping baby!

....and no it hasn't always been this easy to get her to sleep, and I know that it won't always be but I can hope! :)


Jenny said...

My kids take forever to sleep through the night! I will have to try this trick next time around!

Lesa said...

I'm crossing my fingers that it works another 3 nights...and then another 3 nights...and on and on...

Good job Sophie!!

alananddanielle said...

Come on Sophie! Your parents would really like this gift, of sleep. How's the charm working now?

Natalie and Nathan said...

YAY!!!! That is amazing and I hope our new little one is like Sophie :D

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