Two Years

January 14, 2010

Due to a little distraction I never posted anything about our anniversay! Brian and I have been married for 2 years now! The best two years ever! Brian and I met at church. He had come to church with his brother, Alan, and his family, who happen to be in my ward. We ended up talking, he got my phone number and we went out later that week! After that we were inseperable!
I am so grateful for Brian! He makes me laugh. He always knows what I need. He is smart and ambitious! We love to snowboard together, beat at Canasta together, play wii together, work together, watch food network together...just love being together!


Lesa said...

Happy 2 years! You are a cute couple.....with a cute daughter!

Jenny said...

Happy Anniversary you two! I cannot believe that you have been married for two years already. Wow!

Natalie and Nathan said...

Congrats on the 2 year anniversary!! And the new baby girl!!

alananddanielle said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Good thing we happened to feel like you two would click. I guess it's our super smart, see into the future kind of skills. For the record we told Brian about you Kendra way before you came to church. He came ready to check you out! We love you guys, two years have gone quick!

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