Shop til ya drop!

September 1, 2008

Today was Girls Shopping Day! All the girls in the Cottle Family came to Layton to shop, eat and talk! (That's what Girls do best Right?) We started at Thai Pan Trading and I got a fall wreath for my front door that I am really excited about! We ate lunch at Jason's Deli. If you haven't ever been to Jason's Deli when your done eating you get to make yourself a free ice cream cone! Well my mom decided that we should have a contest and see who could make the tallest cone well..... Chelsea won!

My mom and baby Max!

This is cute Emily! She loved trying on all the big girl shoes! She especially liked the pink ones!


The BOYS had to find something to occupied themselves with since there 10 o'clock tee time got rained out. THis is what they came up with...

1.GO to wal-mart

2. Buy remote control Helicopters

3. Stop at Wendy's and get some dollar menu stuff

4. Use my Dad's Church keys, get in the cultural hall and fly Helicopters around

5. Find some darts to throw at the Helicopters, while there flying.

6. Try shooting a rubber band gun at the Helicopters.... And Decided that's a bad idea.

7. Come home and show us how cool their helicopter are!

Boys are so creative. But, they had the best time ever!!!


Lesa said...

It was a fun day. Watching Emily try on the shoes was the best.

The Millers said...

Sounds like fun! Maybe we need to do some of that with the John Family! And boys are so creative, they are entertained by the funniest stuff!

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