Swiss Days

September 1, 2008

It has been a tradition for the last 6 years to go up to Midway, UT and go to Swiss Days. There is a whole bunch of handcrafted things... frames, jewelry, clothes, clocks, books, candles, pots, soaps... everything! Of course they have good food too! They have the biggest scones I have ever seen in my life! We call them "A Heart Attack on a Plate!" ... but worth it!

Thanks to Brian we added to this new tradition and got a Granny's Shake on the way home! Best thing on earth! If you haven't had a granny's shake your missing out! Since Brian didn't' come with us to Swiss Days I had to pack a cooler and Bring him home a Brownie Reese's Shake! YUM!

Just so you can kind of get an idea this is what Swiss Days looks like...


Lesa said...

What a great weekend we had! Shopping, shopping, eating, and the shake at Granny's! Life is Grand!

The Millers said...

What a nice wife! I'm sure I would have just told Shan how great the shakes were, pretty sure I would have never brought him back one! They really are the best!

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