Cutting Crew

September 12, 2008

At school we have a program called "Cutting Crew." Every Wednesday we go to a different elementary school in Davis County and give kids Free Haircuts. It is quite an experience. Evey child comes with a green slip of paper signed by there parents, telling us exactly how they want there child's hair cut. So we check the kids for lice (Never found any thank goodness!) and then we put em up on a table and go to work. Kids say the craziest things like...
"My mom is really nervous your gonna mess up."
"Please don't make me bald"
"What are the monster cutter things?"
Even though all the wiggling and squirming make it hard to produce a good haircut their cute enough that I love it enough to put up with it!


Brandon and Erica said...

Hey! I am so glad you made your blog open again! I love your stories about the Cutting Crew! What a great idea, I would have LOVED having hairstylists come to my elementary school for a haircut :-)!

And, I was perusing through your old posts, and I love your new/old car! That is seriously a good idea, so Brian doesn't have to ride his bike in the snow!

Lesa said...

monster cutter things.....I love all the comments they make. Kids are great that way. Keep having fun cutting hair at the schools.

Jessica John said...

Kids really do say the funniest things sometimes. I hope you are still enjoying cutting hair. I am sure you are amazing at it too.

The Millers said...

Sounds like a great way to get in some of those haircuts! Glad your still having fun!

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