Bean Boozled // booger + moldy cheese

May 1, 2011

Last night my loving husband pulled a prank. 
He provided a bowl of jelly beans for a treat while we played hearts.
Well they weren't just any jelly beans they were "bean boozled" 

The bowl was poisoned with random nasty flavored jelly beans! might get a peach or it might actually be "barf" might get a cocount or it might actually be "baby wipes" might get carmel corn or it might be "moldy cheese"

You get the idea...
let's just say that when I popped a moldy cheese into my mouth, 
and discovered what was going on,
I pulled a pretty memorable face.

Glad brian got a good laugh out of the prank. 
BUT pranks on him... he lost the game of hearts so I made him blindly pick a jelly bean to eat.
He got a "booger" and had to make a run to the kitchen sink. 

The whole prank made for quiet a funny night!


Dawn @ Musings from the Pigg Pen said...

You guys seem like such a fun loving couple!! This is hilarious.

Jenny said...

That is a pretty good prank!

Lesa said...

It was funny when you were telling us about it yesterday. Boys (Wayne and Brian) will be boys. You need to get them back for the prank :)

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