Ice Cream + Nicknames

April 20, 2011

To add to yesterdays sugary post... Soph-a-loaf eating her first ice cream cone. Yes, occasionally Brian { + a few others} call her Soph-a-loaf. Just a funny nickname she will probably hate in 10 years. But, for now its pretty cute. I'm not even sure where the name came from, it just sort of rolled of Brian's tongue one day! Some of Sophie's other nicknames are: S, SJ, Sophie Girl, and Miss S.  

Do you have a nickname? Come on... share the embarrassing one :)


Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

We have loads of nicknames at our house.
Kurtis is KJ and Kujo.
I am JJ, Handi, and Mommy.
Samantha is Sammy and Samma lamma ding dong.
Bailey is Bailey bear and Bailey Monster.
Riley is chubbly wubbly and Riley bug.
We do not have any super embarrassing names at our house. But Kujo is kinda out there.

music notes said...

I don't have one right now but when I was little I was called 'silent sam' because I was sooooooo quiet and would never talk.

(that has changed now, hasn't it?)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

When I was little my nickname was Doosie. My mom still sometimes calls me that and it's SO embarrassing!!

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