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April 12, 2011

Well I didn't remember that it was the 12th until half way through the day. So I have a new version of 12 on 12 for this month. the text version - 12 things I thought today -

01. sophie's hair is getting long!
02. honey bunches of oats {with almonds} are my favorite!
03. hate my bad eyes, and sick of wearing glasses. i'm such a contact girl.
04. love random outings with my mom
05. sophie sure is a handful when you take her out to eat.
06. glad school is almost over.
07. can't believe my brother is registering for college! he is way to young for that!
08. love that sophie loves outside.
09. can't stop thinking about the book i just finished "matched" by allie condie
10. biggest loser is an awesome show!
11. love blogging
12. getting into bed as soon as i push publish!

what 12 things did you think today?


music notes said...

I had lots of thoughts today but the one I'm still thinking about is our lunch yesterday.

Miss S + water + rice + fun = a great time with two of my favorite people!!

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