These Days....

March 25, 2011

These Days We...
Clearly haven't been blogging a lot. Here is quick update of what we have been doing lately...

-enjoyed no class during spring break!
-feeding brian sudafed like it apple juice. he has a nasty head cold.
-meanwhile sophie decided to cut 3 new teeth  at the same time.
-reading books for school
-yummy sunday dinner at my mom and dad's house, on their 25th anniversary!
-working on some new ideas for Key Lime
-browsing craigslist for a house in Hawaii
-watching byu vs florida and circling winners on my bracket
-supervising while sophie begs to "kidy see" translation: "see kitty" {while pointing outside}
- and still enjoying trying new recipes from Our Best Bites cookbook.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Dawn @ Musings from the Pigg Pen said... do sound like one busy person right now. Hope your hubby is feeling better. Hoping you circle OSU as a winner tonight too :)

music notes said...

I'm glad you took a minute to write a post. I was about ready to have little brother send you a comment that said,

"please update your blog"


You are doing great with all your busy stuff!!

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