Bounce Bounce

March 17, 2011


Me and S went on a play date earlier this week to an inflatable play place!
I had a coupon, "pay your child's age." The whole outing cost $1.
And let me tell you, I would have paid a million dollars for all the laughs and smiles! 
Sophie had a blast bouncing, jumping, slipping, and sliding!


Elizabeth said...

Wow! Bet that was one of the BEST dollars you ever spent! Looks like they had a blast! So cute! :)

Kendra said...

It was the best dollar I have spent!

I had to force her out of there when it was time to go!

And then when I set her on the ground she kept trying to bounce... :)

Anonymous said...

Oh that Sophie is so cute! She looks just like her mother did at that age - and I think she probably acts like her too! Isn't it FUN!

Lesa said...

How cute! I want to hear all about that place.

Lesa said...

where did you get your 'I am a Mormon' tag??

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