Help! A Beaver!

February 8, 2011

B: "We better go get Sophie before she beavers the crib some more."
Me: "Why, she already ruined it."
B: "... So she doesn't eat her way out."

Dear Beaver,

Please stop chewing eating your beautiful wood crib. It was pricey and I had to do quite a bit of begging to get dad to buy it for you. Now you are using it as a chew toy. Stop! Please! Thank You.

Beaver Control


Julie said...

Oh my goodness, my oldest was a beaver too! So sorry. :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh my...I bet y'all couldn't help but laugh when y'all saw this! Hope she gets over that beaver stage! :)

Kendra said...

Yes, I did laugh! Especially when brian started calling her beaver. It made me not quiet as mad :)

Lesa said...

Oh man, it is a little worse than I thought when you first told me about it...

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! I'm not sure this will make you feel any better, but I just found teeth marks all over Amory's new bunk bed . . . and she's six.

Kendra said...

It is bad...It is on the top of the rail (in pic) and the side of the rail. She uses her top and bottom teeth!

Are you telling me sophie is going to be a beaver til she is 6! :)

That is bummer she is doing that! :(

Moo Moo's & Tutus Party Designs said...

My little boy was a beaver too! :) As soon as I heard him wake up, I would run into his room & get him before he started "eating" his crib!

I LOVE your blog & gave you a Stylish Blogger Award today. Check it out here:

Kendra said...

Thank you! Thank you! Your are so nice to give me a blog award! I will pass it on later today!

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