Apple Orchard + Maracas

February 3, 2011

Brian joined the apple orchard, iWork and all. Happy graduation/congrats on getting in pharmacy school/hope you enjoy your next 4 years with mr. mac.

While Brian was learning his new Mac commands Me and S had a little
maraca and beads party. Man does she like shaking those things!
Little does she know that those are authentic, real and true,
straight from mexico maracas. 

After the maraca party was over, Brian went to work,
leaving the perfect opportunity to test out the apple myself.
It sure is shiny!

Are you a Mac or PC fan?

Also, please do not take note of my cluttered kitchen or the schmear on the wall.
Those are authentic too.


Burnham Family said...

I love my mac!! Okay, so did you guys decide on which school you are going to??

Kendra said...

Yes, we decided that we are going to hawaii! yaaah! :)

Jenny said...

I have never used a mac.

I hope you are up for visitors. I think the entire family is planning on visiting you while you are living in paradise!

Kendra said...

We would love to have visitors! For sure! :)

Ginger said...

I actually like both, but currently only have PC's. I would love to get an IPad though! I love the maracas... I bet she had lots of fun! :) Congrats on pharmacy school to you both!

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