Busy + New Designs

February 17, 2011

These Days We are a little busy.... school, moving {not the BIG move yet, a smaller one but a move no matter} school, playing with sophie {recently learned to "dip" her french fries in ketchup and drink HiC from a straw} and lots of custom design work! Check out a few of the recent custom designs....

Our Cooking Cafe is fully of YUMMY recipes! 

Emily just opened a Etsy!
Her Mom also has a Etsy with Beautiful Art!

And finally took a min and made myself a new button. Feel free to grab it! :)

A super COOL blog tutorials is coming up next!


Lesa said...

WOW, you have been busy, busy with all the great blog designs. (they all look very good)

I grabbed your new button!

Dawn @ Musings from the Pigg Pen said...

LOVE all the new designs!! And can't wait to see the tutorial :). I'll be back later to grab the button but have to rearrange some side bars first!!

Ginger said...

Super cute! You do such a great job!

Emily said...

Love all the new ones!! And of course mine is my fav!: )

Jenny said...

Love all the new designs! So great! Sounds like you have been busy! We love you guys!

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