12 on 12: feb

February 13, 2011

01. we eat yogurt daily. red velvet.
02. delivered cupcakes to my father in law. happy birthday!
03. ate a cupcake myself.
04. tried a bam-bam. S hated it.
05. red beads. red clothes. happy valentines.
06. adorable straw hat just soph's size.
07. wiped the place down.
08. got mounds of nice email's all weekend. thank you. glad you liked the download.
09. sweet husband brought these home.
10. bistro 258. new favorite!
11. my valentine.

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Ginger said...

I love all of your pics! It looks like you had a good day yesterday! :)

Yarger gal said...

i inadvertently participated...happy heart day!


Lesa said...

That is a lot of emails...

Glad you found a new fun place to eat!

Jenny said...

So fun! I have never gotten that many emails! Wow!

P.s. Thanks for the freebie, I am putting my coupons in the card I am giving Kurtis tonight.

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