You Can Always Count On Grandma

January 18, 2011

You can always count on a grandma to take lots of pictures of her granddaughter. 
It is just part of the grandma job code.
Which is exactly the reason I have never paid money to have sj's pictures done. 
My mom always does a great job!
Last night my mom watched Sophie while Brian and I were at work.
She came home with these adorable pictures! 


You can also count on a grandma to give her granddaughter the cutest jeggings ever.

Aren't grandma's the best?

Oh, and I also need to give thanks to my dad and 2 brothers who pull faces at Sophie every time the camera is out. They can make the girl laugh! 

:: side note, this is my 400th post. wow.
:: second side note, tomorrow's post will be called "the funnest jello ever"
:: thirst side note, I am currently redesigning the blog. Can't wait to unveil.


Julie said...

400 posts! Way to go. Gorgeous little girl you have by the way. :)

Anna said...

She is so beautiful! Can't wait to see the new design. Pretty please help me make my blog cute????

Ginger said...

She is adorable... and yes, grandmas are great! That's my next stage and I can't wait. And 400 posts! That's awesome!

Emily said...

Holde cow she is just ADORABLE!!

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