12 on 12. How to Make the Collage.

January 11, 2011

::What is 12 on 12?
::Where do I download the template for the collage? HERE

::And ... How do I make the collage using the template? Tutorial below.

01. Download Gimp for free.
02. Download the template file.

Open gimp.
File > Open > Select the template.

Screen should look like this.

Next go File > Open > And find the first picture you want to use in you collage.
Now hover over the gimp icon at the bottom of the screen. You should see two boxes.
One with the template and one with the picture you just opened. Click on the picture.

Now we need to scale your picture down so it will fit it the first box.
Image > Scale Image.
For most of my pictures I changed the width to 800px and the height to 600 px.
Depending on your picture you might have to play with it a little. {you can do that in a min.}

Now click anywhere in the gray area and press ctrl c {copy}
Hover at the bottom of your screen so that you can see the template. Click on the template.
Your screen should look like this now.

 In the toolbox on the right hand side click on the layer that says "sq1" {square 1}

Now press ctrl v {paste} You picture should pop in the box! :)

Now move your cursor to the side. You should see a little anchor above your cursor. Click once when the anchor is visible to anchor you image. Now repeat the steps for the rest of the 12 pictures, pasting on a different square each time.
 I promise you will get pretty fast at this after a few tries!

Some notes:
  • You can move the image {adjust to left, left, up or down} after you pasted by clicking and dragging the picture {you cursor should have an x by it}. When you have the picture in the position you want move your cursor to the side until you see a little anchor. Click once {when the anchor} is visible to "anchor" you photo in place.
  • If after pasting you picture into the template you realize it is too big or too small you can still resize or "scale" the picture. Just repeat the steps above. Image> Scale. This must be done before anchoring the image.
  • Make sure when you save you collage you add .jpg to the end of the title. So it would be something like.... jancollage.jpg
Happy Gimp Template-ing! :) I am happy to answer any questions you have!


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