Little Miss on The Go

December 11, 2010

A typical one minute time period in our house includes the following:

Finding a necklace.

Bringing me the necklace.

Pulling faces for a couple of seconds.

Remembering that the stairs are so much fun and running to them.
up the stairs.

play on the stairs.

Continue playing on the stairs.
Repeat. Several times a day.

Have a happy weekend!

::These days we... are excited about *snowboarding class* next semester, listening to christmas music, and putting our 2ft christmas tree on top of the entertainment center.


Lesa said...

I like the one where she is peeking between the stockings..

Dawn said...

Thanks for the tip re: linking email to comments. i changed mine now. Love your blogging tips. I passed along your page to a blogging friend too so she could use the tips as well. Thanks.

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